About Us

OK, so WheelBarrow Studios is just a couple of rooms at home with a few computers, printers, cameras, a scanner and miscellaneous equipment - but  do other design studios with city centre offices have anything different? - apart from bigger bills that is!

We've been there, done that…

Proprietors, Terry and Sue Evans originally had offices for many years in Caerleon and Cardiff - in those days we needed room for huge drawing boards, several design staff and cupboards full of letraset and art-board.

We found that our sort of client was not impressed with big offices and an army of production staff – all they wanted was someone to understand their business and products and the ability produce high quality design and print. So in the mid 90s we decided to create a work base at home to minimise overheads and provide clients with a design service at a price they could afford.

Our client base has been mostly small to medium size businesses who appreciate the personal, friendly touch that we are able to offer - the fact that many clients have stayed with us for many years bears testament to the success of this approach.

In the beginning…

WheelBarrow started when Terry and Sue decided to combine their  strengths in a partnership to provide clients with a total service.

Sue's experience of production and sales in some of Wales' leading printers gives her an in-depth knowledge of print - from litho to web to digital - to advise clients and get the best prices from the many print companies we deal with.

Terry is a designer with years of experience working in the leading design studios and advertising agencies in south Wales, before setting up his own company in the early 80s. He adopted Apple Mac computers for the design and artwork process long before other designers in the area and has kept up to date with the technology ever since.

What about the name? …we hear you ask.

Simple really, it goes back to the 1980s when the cartoon industry was bourgeoning in Cardiff at the launch of the Welsh TV channel, S4C, and Sue worked on the SuperTed series. Most people were freelance and the trend was for the silliest name you could come up with over a glass of wine or two. Sue was in the process of landscaping the garden in her new house and when she wasn't colouring in a SuperTed cell she was pushing a wheelbarrow around - it all seemed so logical then.

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